HENRY - Health, Exercise, Nutrition for the Really Young
The HENRY 8 week parenting programme is designed to empower parents to make informed choices of adapting to a healthier and happier lifestyle and improve emotional wellbeing of the babies and young children.  The programme covers topics to equip parents with knowledge and tools to support behaviour change and apply solution focused approach and enable them to understand diet and nutrition as well as the importance of physical activity.
Why attend HENRY sessions?
We understand parents want the best for their children, but in today’s fast food and sedentary culture this is not always easy.

The HENRY parenting programme has been developed for behaviour change to lead a healthier lifestyle
​The aims of the 8 week programme are for parents to:
  • Understand the importance of food and activity and give babies and young children a good start towards a healthier lifestyle for the family
  • Help parents gain the confidence, knowledge and tools to improve on parenting skills by adopting a healthier and happier lifestyle and emotional well being
  • Support behaviour change by applying solution focused support as part of a strength based partnership to enable families to change entrenched habits and achieve their goals.  
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