Baby Massage

Baby Massage
Baby Massage is a lovely way to spend time with your child and helps calm and sooth them.  Massage may also help with:
  • bonding and one to one time
  • constipation
  • colic
  • circulation
  • sleeping
  • weight gain
  • postnatal depression
  • babies development and social skills
  • social opportunities for your both.

Other benefits of Baby Massage
Come and join our free baby massage course delivered by our IAIM instructors.  The benefits of joining this five week course include:
  • Interaction and bonding with your baby
  • Relaxation
  • Communication
  • Relief
  • Stimulation
  • Massage can help relieve  colic and teething pain
  • Learning a life-long parenting 
FOR Baby Massage sessions at East Bradford Children's Centres Please download our timetable from the link below.
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