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Action For Children since 1869
When Methodist minister Thomas Bowman Stephenson saw children living rough under the arches of Waterloo station in London, he decided he had to act. And his first action was to listen.
He paid children the respect of hearing their stories, before working out the most practical way to help. 

A century and a half later, the spirit of our founder remains our inspiration. We take action on behalf of 390,000 children, young people, parents and carers across the UK. Our mission is to do what’s right, do what’s needed, and do what works for children.

"Do what you can for us, Sir." Young boy, Waterloo

Over 147 years ago, Thomas Bowman Stephenson took the time to listen to homeless children living under the arches of Waterloo station.

He listened. And we’ve been listening and taking action ever since. 
From one family home in Waterloo, the charity quickly grew to become the National Children’s Home (NCH).

Meet Fred and George.

The first children taken in from the streets, rather than having to face the workhouse in 1869.

Stephenson couldn’t stand by and do nothing. Everything he did was 'In the service of the children'.

Our impressive history of firsts.
Watch a short film on our long history of innovation:

East Bradford Children's Centre Cluster

In  East Bradford we work with parents to be,  and families with children under 5 .We have activities going on all year round in our 6 Childrens centres across East Bradford  which are free to access and an opportunity to meet other children and families. You will be welcomed by our team of friendly staff who are happy to offer advice and support.
We offer lots of services  which include the following:
Family support and advice in the home , this may include behaviour management ,  debt and housing advice , support to access nursery
Play and fun sessions in the centres which include playgroups, infant massage, soft play provision  .
Advice and support with active play and healthy eating , breastfeeding support , smoking cessation , dental health care, and much much more!!
Call in at one of our centres and pick up our latest newsletter and timetable of activities which are FREE !!!!